You live in the countryside, are not connected to a mains sewer network and are responsible yourself for the treatment of your wastewater?

No problem – with the AQUAmax an own small wastewater treatment plant is simpler than you think …!

All you need is a concrete tank embedded in the garden, with three chambers separated from each other, an AQUAmax mounted in one of these, a wastewater feed pipe from the house into the wastewater treatment plant as well as a discharge of the treated water into the percolation area. All other matters are taken care of for you automatically by the AQUAmax. Guaranteed! More than 76,000 plants installed worldwide!

1. Your Initial Checklist

New HousesRetrofitting or Upgrading An Existing Tank
Site suitability test This is site specific and individual requirements need to be catered to. (this can be arranged with your local engineer)
Percolation designed by the engineer based on the results from your site suitability reportPlease call and arrange an appointment for a site survey to be carried out.

Site specific proposal for your aquamax unit from CMD Environmental.
Annual maintenance and Service Contract to be entered into, in line with planning requirements.

All of the above can be arranged for you by our friendly and efficient staff.

2. Advantages of the Aquamax Classic System

  • Automatic holiday/economy mode to save electrical power.
  • First-class discharge values. Undercuts the required discharge values significantly.
  • Secure and Quiet. All units are located in the tank and not in the house.
  • Experience. Most sold SBR small wastewater treatment plant in Germany.
  • Durable. A special architecture makes the AQUAmax Classic particularly durable.
  • Future-secured. Always at the latest status through the AQUAmax modular system.
  • Comprehensive parts guarantee. 24 months on all electrical and mechanical parts.
  • Control centre aControl 2010. Even less energy consumption through optimised process times, summer/winter operation as well as sludge removal operation.
  • Safety and service. Countrywide service network in Ireland.


3. What You Get in Your Classic Package

Reliable treatment performance through innovative technology.


  • First class service from experienced and helpful staff.
  • Site survey and assessment of your garden/septic tank,
  • An AQUAmax unit designed to accommodate your needs and the number of occupants in the house.
  • Fully automatic pre-wired control unit installed in your house.
  • Sampling bottle included for easy collection of discharged final effluent for analysis.
  • Reinforced concrete tank(s) provided by an approved Irish Agrement supplier.
  • Tank delivered and installed.
  • Installation & commissioning by approved AQUAmax technician.
  • Reliable and friendly after-sales support.
  • Dentrification as standard
  • 2 year warranty on electrical & mechnical parts (excluding the cost of labour and shipping.)

4. Certification

Certfication of the AQUAmax system

  • Full EN 12566-3 Certification- MFPA
  • Full CE Certification
  • BOD 97.8% Suitable for Northern Ireland
  • Warranty: – 2 Years warrenty standard on electrical & mechanical parts