4bar pressure pump with dry run protection & built-in pressure switch

4bar pressure pump with dry run protection & built-in pressure switch

Rainwater harvesting is the process of capturing rainwater in a holding tank from the roof and re-using it for household and commercial applications such as garden irrigation, flushing toilets etc. Rainwater should not be used for drinking water, preparation of food etc.

Rainwater is a valuable source of water supply and aids in the reduction of potable water usage.

Additionally, water charges are being rolled in across Ireland and rainwater harvesting is a means of controlling water costs.

Advantages of the CMD Galaxy System

Rainwater Harvesting – Advantages

  • Helps the environment – water conservation as we use more and more water every year. Reduces water bills. Rainwater is a natural resource.
  • Meets new council requirements – where every town and city planning applications show a storm water management plan.
  • Softer water – up to 50% less detergents used in washing machines and car wash facilities with equipment having a longer life span.
  • Takes pressure off bore holes and wells with poor supplies.
  • Much better for irrigation for garden centres, fruit production and home irrigation.
  • No costly water treatment equipment needed (soft water)

What You Get:


  • Concrete Water Tank – 4000 litres upwards
  • Preliminary Cleaning Filter (1) with sediment outflow
  • Calmed Inlet (2) – reduces sediment disruption
  • Overflow Siphon (4) -removes any material which floats on top of the water to a soak hole
  • Top up Valve (6) – if the tank empties below 600mm this valve opens to keep water at this level from the mains
  • Submersible Pump (7)- up to 4 bar pressure with up to 50 mtrs head
  • Floating Intake (3) – takes water from middle of the tank which is the cleanest water
  • Ultra Violet Light – optional at extra cost – disinfects the water
  • Final Sediment Filter – optional at extra cost – removes sediment